Teach Me Time! Clock

I must say, while kids are like a sponge with an endless appetite for learning, they do need to toe the line at times, learning that the right time and the right questions is the optimal mix. With the Teach Me Time! Clock, you will be able to let your little ones know just what a clock means.

It has a 5-stage, talking “game” to help your little ones learn what the clock means (with analog and digital displays to make sure they really know). But also, there is a secret control panel where you can set the revolutionary “Ok to Wake” alarm. This will cause the clock to glow yellow during the night (this nightlight feature can be disabled) and turn green when the kids are allowed to get out of bed – making make sure you have enough alone time (or couple time) in your own bed. And when the kids get older, the clock is fully functional as a “grown up” alarm clock, complete with snooze. Technology that adapts through time – amazing!

The Teach Me Time! Clock would make for a great present to parents at $39.99 a pop.

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  1. Interesting … different types of alarm clocks for various demographics. I have seen http://Clocky (jumps off table after hitting snooze) & http://Sleep.FM (alarm that wakes u up to friends messages) & http://Chumby, but never heard of this new one.

    Interesting … I am collector of alarm clocks and it’s neat to see this device evolve! Thanks

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