Solar Fairy Lights


Don’t you just love solar power? It not only is free, it doesn’t affect our environment negatively as well. The Solar Fairy Lights helps decorate your home without compromising on the environment.

Thanks to ultra bright LEDs, any outdoor space will be transformed into an enchanting grotto of twinkliness. The effect is utterly captivating. Use them to decorate branches, doorways, trellises, shrubs, parasols, statues of Bill Oddie – whatever. Squint and you could be in Neverland (fictional dream world, not Jacko’s gaff). There are six different modes to choose from, including constant, fast flash, slow flash, fast flicker, chasing and combo. There’s even a built-in automatic dusk sensor plus various timer settings so you can program your lights to switch off once you’ve gone to beddy byes.

Being solar powered, you get up to eight hours of continuous power based on a five hour charge, which is more than adequate unless your party lasts from the night until breakfast tomorrow. You can pick up the Solar Fairy Lights for £24.95 a set.

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