Open It! opens any annoying plastic packaging

by AndrewD

Man, do I hate how things are packaged these days. Lets say I just got home from Wal-Mart or something after picking up a new wireless mouse. Usually, I leave the common sense at the door and try to open the anti-theft packaging with my hands rather than do something logical like, oh, I don’t know, grab a scissor. Hell, even a fork would do.

If I went out of my way to buy a gadget made to open annoying plastic packaging, you can bet your behind I wouldn’t let that money go to waste. The slick Open It! claims to be the perfect gadget for the job. No body likes being a victim of “wrap rage”. Open It! provides the tools needed to get the job done, and get to the real fun of playing with your new toy.

Open It! features angular jawed scissors, a flip-out screwdriver, and a retractable knife blade, just so you can get through the damn plastic and enjoy your purchase. These are the matters we need to take into our own hands. Take that anti-theft industry!

The Open It! comes in your choice of Fire Orange, Berry Red, and Mocha colors and is available through the Zibra official site. There’s some confusion about the price since apparently the initial press release placed it at $10, while the site says $12. Let’s just, I dunno, call it $11?

Product Page via Gear Diary

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