Celebrate your new iPhone with cheesy Apple t-shirts

by Ally

The new iPhone launch is finally here and likely quite a few tired iPhone fans are finally heading home with their shiny new iPhones.  Although some have sadly gotten stuck with the white iPhones.  Well if you’re feeling overly fanboyish this line of t-shirts is worth a look.  Although only serious fanboys need apply.  The eagle features a banner that states “in jobs we trust”.  As well as several Apple icons and of course the iPod Touch/iPhone.  These geeky shirts have shirts for the whole family too, making your family the Brady Bunch of fanboys.

They even have an “Infant Bodysuit” which is the first time I’ve ever heard them called that.  Maybe it’s a Midwest thing, but the only thing I’ve heard them called are onesies.  They also have women’s and men’s t-shirts as well as a hoodie for sale.  The prices range from $15-$38 just depending on the style of shirt you happen to pick.  To get yours, they are being sold over at cafepress.

Source: fashionablygeek

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