Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker


Here’s yet another air guitar device for you to rock your heart out. The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker helps elevate your console gaming experience to another level – read on below to find out more.

With the suitably ludicrous skull and crossbones belt buckle sensor on your waist, the mini rock amp clipped alongside, and all important plectrum in your hand, you can now thrash away, and actually play up to some of the world’s greatest rock anthems. As you ‘play’ your air guitar and the plectrum passes in front of the death buckle, a chord from the track is played through the amp. Whether you’re thrashing out ‘Smoke on the Water’ or ‘Ace of Spades’, it doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish at guitar, as long as you thrash in time, you’ll sound as mad and dangerous as the great rock guitarists of all time (well, within reason). The rock-tastic tracks included with the kit are ‘Iron Man’, ‘Smoke on the Water’, ‘Ace of Spades’, ‘You Really Got Me’, ‘More than a Feeling’ and five other currently ‘undiscovered’ tracks. Being a Rock Amp, the volume goes all the way up to 11 (ten is just sooo pop), and if you want to go for full on cacophony, you can plug the amp into your own hi-fi and really annoy the neighbors. Alternatively you can plug in headphones and leave the paint on the walls – but that’s not very ‘metal’ is it?

This is really neat, and it could actually push more sales for Guitar Hero titles across all consoles if it catches on with ordinary non-video gaming folk. You can pick up the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker for £29.95.

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