ecobutton PC Energy Saving Device


Most of us leave the PC turn on even when we’re not using it, and this bad habit, when compounded by the fact that plenty of other people also do the same, would result in a massive waste of energy that indirectly affects the environment around us. The ecobutton aims to fight back by offering a friendly reminder whenever we’re going to leave our desks for a moment.

ecobutton is a discreet USB device that acts as a reminder and a prompt for you to press the ecobutton at every opportunity whenever your computer is going to be left idle, helping you save money and the environment. This could be from taking a phone call or break, to doing paperwork or going to lunch and meetings where otherwise the computer would normally be left on. When the ecobutton is pressed your computer enters energy saving ‘ecomode’ – that’s the most efficient, lowest power mode available, which actually draws only the same nominal power as when the computer and monitor are turned off! When you need to use the computer again, simply press any key to instantly return to where you left off. Easy!

Go on, do your bit for the world and soothe that conscience of yours with the £15.95 ecobutton, never mind the fact that you drive a Hummer to work.

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