Chugalug Drinks Factory


Forget about bottle-juggling the next time you host a party at your home. With the Chugalug Drinks Factory, making cocktails will never be the same again.

Making the average glass-twirling bar monkey seem about as wacky as Tim Henman, this bizarre contraption makes creating cocktails a highly amusing experience – and we should know because we’ve made thousandsh shinsh our shamples arrived. The idea is to stick this strange, Wonka-esque collection of translucent pods, vortex funnels and chambers to any flat surface (fridge, filing cabinet, window, boss’s door, you name it) via the included suction cups. Next, pour your drinks into the funnels at the top (booze in one, mixer in the other) and watch in wonder as your concoction gives in to gravity, whooshing around the Chugalug’s various bits and bobs. At the end of its journey your tipple will be waiting in the special ice chamber, perfectly mixed and ready to be dispensed into a glass. Cool!

The Chugalug Drinks Factory should get more fun to use every time, and the more drunk you are, the more interesting things become. Bring this home today for £24.95.

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