Aquavac Electronic Tea Towel Busts Germs in the Kitchen

I once heard a comedian talk about the miscellaneous cloth that people have in their kitchens. It’s usually hung on the handle of the refrigerator or oven door, and it gets used for everything. You can wipe spills with it, clean off excess water, even wipe kid’s nose. Then when it’s time to eat an apple, we usually wipe it clean with the very same cloth.

Apparently that comedian wasn’t the only one to have noticed this obvious problem of spreading bacteria in the kitchen. Fortunately, an inventor who is graduating from De Monfort University in Leicaster has developed a high-tech replacement alternative for kitchen cloths.

His invention is called the Aquavac, and it is designed to clean up wet and dry messes. It will also dry hands and crockery. The Aquavac is designed with certain polymers that contain anti-bacterial substances, making it dishwasher safe and completely hygienic.

According to the source, our dry dish cloths and tea towels are responsible for spreading harmful bacteria, and food poisoning from these cases can kill up to 100 to 200 people a year.

The Aquavac is only a concept, but it will be on display at the New Designers exhibition in London.


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