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I’ve got a funny story to tell about the Wii. Lately, my children, who are ages 4 and 5, have been playing it early in the morning before I wake up. A few days ago, I discovered they created a crowd of diverse Mii characters, all with names like “puppy”, “hug”, and “good”.

I suppose that they named these Mii guys after words they knew how to spell. They must have mastered the keyboard interface that requires Wiimote motion to work. I have found that typing on the Wii this way is slow, and if the Wii is ever going to make full use of its wireless capability, then a keyboard might soon be a requirement.

A company called Logic 3 has recently come out with a mini QWERTY keyboard, which features Symbol shifting and F number keys. It is reminiscent of certain keyboards that I have seen for the Xbox 360 that fit right onto the controller. I don’t think that this Wii Keyboard can fit on the controller as nicely as that keyboard, but it will link up with the Wii’s USB port.

This is not the first keyboard available for the Wii, for Logitech came out with one last year. That particular keyboard is designed more like a traditional computer keyboard, and the user will probably be able to type a lot faster on it.

The Logic 3 is about $30, and should be available on July 18th.


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  1. I’ve been using an old Dell USB keyboard with my Wii without any problems. I’m pretty sure any standard USB keyboard will work.

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