Soft LED Waterfall Fountain for indoors

by AndrewD

Water is thought by many to have a strong mind-body connection. Some people vow that flowing water is a natural mind relaxant. Great for easing the stressful mind. That’s why so many people with enough room and money have ornate fish tanks displayed prominently in their homes. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy relaxing water flow.

The Soft LED Waterfall Fountain from Brando uses soft water flow and warm color schemes to introduce a new form of relaxation into your home. The waterfall flows in a compact box, viewable through a cut-out design of your choice from the two design options.

The Soft LED Waterfall Fountain ships with both a USB cable and a AC adapter for plugging directly into a wall socket. The fountain itself is pretty compact, only measuring 10.7 x 7.0 x 21.8 cm, so it could fit in even the smallest of apartments if your willing to make room.

And best of all, the price is worth it. You won’t be shelling out thousands for a little water relaxation. The Soft LED Waterfall Fountain will only set you back $23. When compared to other forms of water therapy, this is nothing but a drop in the ocean.

Product Page via 7Gadgets

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