Infrared Tracker R/C Car is controlled by a “magic dot”

by Ally

Usually when you’re controlling an R/C car you have some sort of remote with a pair of joysticks or a wheel and trigger. Generally the controls are relatively self-explanatory, as you don’t get much more simplistic than pressing a couple of sticks. Apparently there is an easier way, at least with the Infrared Tracker R/C Car.

This cool-looking car is controlled by a “magic dot” (their words, not mine) which comes from a handheld device. The dot can be recognized up to a full 5 feet in front of the car, which is good if you’re wanting to control it from a distance. However, I don’t think you could make it go very far, since the dot won’t likely be visible from great distances.

The car is fairly inexpensive, retailing for $49.95. One thing is for sure, this thing will drive your cat crazy. Can you imagine your cat chasing the dot, with a car following behind?

Source: Red Ferret

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