Ikea’s PS Laptop Workstation for the space challenged

by Ally

Ikea is one of those stores that I can’t help but love, especially being young and broke enough that my living space tends to be a bit cramped.  Just about any storage or furniture issue I have Ikea has some kind of a solution for.  The unfortunate thing is that I’d like to buy about half the things at their store, which adds up to a small fortune in furniture.  Well if you don’t have room for a full desk and would like a little corner to park your laptop and work for a few hours Ikea also has a solution for that.

They have the Ikea PS, which mounts to the wall and just looks like a small locker when it is closed up.  When opened it has a small tray to set your laptop on.  As well as a couple of nooks for speakers or any other small gadgets you might want to use.  The workstation comes in both white and red.  The desk would also be great for teens with small rooms or one that they have to share, to give then a designated work space.  It is being sold for $59.99 and can be bought either in store or online.

Source: chipchick

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