i-vu helps grandpa with text


It is a known fact that eyesight deteriorates the older you get, so senior citizens could make do with all the help they can get, and the i-vu portable digital magnifier would go a long way in fulfilling that duty.

The i-vu is a highly portable digital magnifier also commonly known as a Personal Vision Assistant. It gives the user instant magnification anytime, anywhere. If you have difficulty reading small print, then the i-vu is here to help. The i-vu is a simple to use digital magnifier that will help you read menus, prescription bottles, books and bills easier; view pictures more clearly; and enjoy your favorite hobbies. With three hours of battery life, the compact, portable i-vu is ready to go when you are. Trouble seeing a price tag or receipt? Take the i-vu with you to the store or restaurant and know the price before you get to the register. Keep the i-vu next to your medicine cabinet for the added security that you choose the right prescription. With 5 – 20x magnification and a 2” LCD screen the i-vu will give you instant magnification anytime and anywhere!

The i-vu can be purchased for $279 a pop.

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