Buffalo Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

by AndrewD

Truth be told, your keyboard probably isn’t hogging a negligible amount of power from your monthly electric usage. These days keyboards rely solely on the power which your computer is already using anyway. But nevertheless, every bit counts with the modern sense of power conservation.

Buffalo Japan is soon to launch their new BSKBW01SB, a solar powered wireless keyboard. The keyboard will feature an adjustable solar panel right on the upper right portion of the gadget itself, sort of like a solar powered calculator.

The BSKBW01SB features 17 programmable hot keys and operates on the standard wireless 2.4 Ghz frequency. The keyboard has a range of about 10 meters, so you don’t have to be all up in your computers grille to type away.

Some of you might question how much use a solar gadget which is used primarily indoors will have. Just think about how solar calculators work. They work well inside as well. As long as they are receiving a negligible amount of rays, you should be good to go.

Buffalo will be releasing their solar powered wireless keyboard sometime in mid-July for 13,775 Yen ($135). So far there is only plans for release in Japan. But the idea is sure to spread to other nations soon. And there are other options available for you non-Japan dwellers.

Source via TechFresh

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Edwin Says: July 21, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Yes, sure the keyboard part is more environmentally friendly but what about the receiver? (presumably USB?)i would have thought that powering a wireless receiver would take more power than a standard keyboard.

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