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Peeing in the dark is a hit-and-miss affair, and the case is especially true for the male species. Wives and girlfriends might beg to differ, claiming that it doesn’t matter whether there is light or not, their men tend to spray all over the place. With the Flush Light, you can help reduce that risk at night.

The Flush Light is a hybrid, electronic-plumbing product. It’s an on-demand night-light at the touch of a button and a toilet flusher at all times. The Flush Light is convenient, and it’s energy efficient. Battery life has been maximized by relying on a very simple circuit, free of any high-tech sensors, because sensors just use up battery power. Average on-time with a fresh battery is about three to four minutes. It works exactly like a regular flush handle.

Apparently the Flush Light consumes very little energy, and battery life greatly depends on usage. A new one is able to surpass the one-year mark and you can use virtually any store brand batteries with no worries. You can pick up the Flush Light for $23.95 a pop, or save more by getting a couple for just $39.95.

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Mike Says: July 8, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Motion detectors are like all other sensors, they use up lots of energy because they have to be on 24/7. And then the family dog will fool a sensor. The Flush Light seems to have it about right, simple but pretty effective.

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