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Somehow, women in gaming always fascinates me. After all, they’re something of an enigma, and it does turn my legs into mush whenever I see a sexy vixen pick apart her opponents in a virtual sparring match that involves reflexes, wit and skill. Would you rather watch Fatal1ty gun his opponent down in 100% accuracy or would you prefer a hot chick dressed in attire you love, complete a course with 5% less accuracy? I’d settle for the latter, and this is why gaming gear ought to be made available to ladies as well as it has been long established that video gaming is a guy thing. This paradigm shift opens up doors for new possibilities, with SteelSeries releasing the SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundles for female gamers. This bundle will come in either pink or white colors, boasting the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse, SteelSeries QcK mouse pad and a branded wristband.

SteelSeries Ikari Mice
The SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse is the only device to allow for hardware-based counts per inch (CPI) adjustments in increments of one, allowing for precise adjustments through the mouse directly (not via the PC), with a small LCD screen located on the bottom of the device which displays CPI. Allows the user to play without any interpolation from bloated mouse drivers or game software. The drivers are embedded in the mouse, allowing for quick set-up during tournament or home play. Operating at 1,000 Hz, the Ikari Laser mouse boasts an industry leading 40,000 samples per second which is several times faster than the nearest competing mouse. This allows for quicker refresh speeds, which enables more accurate and precise movements, which is especially important in the heat of tournament battles.

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad
The fine textured surface of the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad is a perfect fit for the laser technology used in the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse. SteelSeries, with more than a dozen professional mouse pad products currently available, uses high quality cloth material for the QcK mouse pad, which provides a precise and consistent glide and features a specially designed non-slip rubber base which prevents the pads from sliding, no matter what surface it is placed on.

The SteelSeries Iron.Lady bundle will cost $95.99, so get one for the lady gamer in your life today.

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Gobert Says: July 9, 2008 at 5:20 pm

Steelseries is making a mouse for female gamers? Here is what Kim Rom said who is the head of Steelseries marketing

“.the real problem with female gaming is that female gamers in general have the same ambitions as men – but they lack the dedication and the drive to fulfil those ambitions… Male gamers outshine them in every way imaginable… So, for the audience, female gaming isn’t interesting at all. It’s a joke. But funny thing – most of them actually do attract sponsors. Here is why:

They have vaginas. They have asses. They have tits. They have mouths. That more or less covers the 4 primary selling-points for female gaming teams.”

uhh so I guess this is just a publicity grab. What a sham company.

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