Skyscraper Escape Rig Designed to Save Lives

by James

9-11. We all remember that day … and the knowledge of those caught in the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center is still seared into our memories. Innocent people caught between flames and flight with their only choice being how they will leave this world. Many chose the latter and jumped. No doubt, this has been the inspiration behind The Wizard Escape System, a rig which promises to give those caught in a raging high rise fire a third option.

The design concept is rather simple. A body harness, a long and strong steel cable, and and a play-out pulley system which will carefully, but quickly, lower a survivor to safety. And it’s all self-contained in a suitcase small enough to fit in the corner of your office.

When office workers are stuck with a last resort, they put on the harness and attach the lifeline from the suitcase to something heavy enough to carry their weight. The suitcase pulley system will be anchored to a desk or poll and will play out the lifeline, thereby lowering the survivor to rescue workers below.

Unfortunately, in the concept, the suitcase only carries about 250 meters of Kevlar strengthened wire, so it can only realistically be deployed in buildings below ten stories. However, those working in dramatic high rises the height of the WTC can always get their skydiving license and cry Geronimo.

One thing’s for sure, it’s ideas like this which will save lives and in the long run, that’ll give those lost a little more meaning.

Hat Tip: DVice

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Andy Says: July 8, 2008 at 7:42 am

250m is well over 50 stories.

JIm Says: July 8, 2008 at 7:57 am

250 meters is over 812 feet. A single story in an apartment building is often as little as ten feet. I live in on the 28th floor of a condo and could reach the ground with such a rig. Did you mean to type 250 feet? If so, send me a couple of them and I’ll climb down the balconies when the apocalypse comes.

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