Cutlery for the handy man

by AndrewD

Even the manliest of men need to admit that they need food to survive. Preferably a nice juicy steak with a hot baked potato, but of course a slice of strawberry cheesecake would do. The point is that you can stock up on every tool in the catalog, but a nice pair of eating utensils is always an investment worth making.

Of course, with this outburst of industrial design influence, everything is being mixed and mashed into one beautiful product of productivity. These eating utensils are made for not only eating, but for crouching down for some butt-crack revealing plumbing, or even fixing a loose spark plug on your vehicle.

Each gadget features two sides. The fork, knife, and spoon side is perfect for chowing down on some grub. While the opposite site features a common tool for all of those handy man jobs you (wish you could) do. And even better, they even come shipped with a special tool set for keeping in storage.

Well, at least that’s the idea. As of now, they seem just a result of one designers imagination. But we’ve seen kitschy-er items reach fruition. Hell, we might even give these gadgets a try if we ever have the opportunity to fix something without our families running to the phone for an emergency maintenance call. Apparently self-repair is scarier to them than the repair bill.

Design Page via The Design Blog

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