The USB Piggy Speakers are anything but dull

by Ally

Remember those pig earbuds only being sold in Japan? Well now we have our own pig themed speakers and they can’t have them. Although, likely they probably have their own and got them before us. In my head though, it’s that we get them all to ourselves. These little speakers are of course in true piggy form and are powered by USB. It’s an individual speaker, the type you tote around with you to plug in your iPod at random locations.

If pretty pink pigs aren’t your thing, they also have a black as well as a white one. All three have cute little silver spots to top it off. Since they are just cheap USB speakers they won’t be good for any audiophiles. However, if you’re just looking for some cute novelty accessories these are great for that. For one of these little guys it will only cost you $14. Which is actually only all of $2 more than the pig earbuds and with these you can share your pig themed tunes with all those around. Although, I’m not aware of any actual songs that are pig themed, so good luck with that.

Source: shinyshiny

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