The Roberts solarDAB is the first of its kind

by Ally

For those of you in the UK this DAB radio is good news, it is purely solar-powered.  The Roberts branded radio called the solarDAB would be great for camping or out on the patio.  Either way it would make summer activities a bit more fun to have a radio that can go away from the outlets.  I’d say just pick up a battery powered one for that, but they always use the most inconvenient batteries possible.  That or  12 AA batteries, with this it will recharge the battery on its own.

Like all solar-powered items it charges when it’s sunny and can run directly through the power of the sun or just use the power already stored on the battery if it’s dark or cloudy outside.  A fully charged battery can run the radio for up to 27 hours.  It can also be charged up by plugging it into a regular outlet if you get desperate.  The radio gets both Band III and L, it can also connect to other audio devices like your iPod.  It is being sold in black, white, pink, red and green for £79.99.

Source: techdigest

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Neagle Says: July 2, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Rechargeable batteries rock. I hope they make one for the US.

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