Pest Repeller Nightlight gives you an excuse to fear the dark

by AndrewD

When I walk out for a smoke and a spot of air in the evening (Yes, it’s sort of oxymoronic. Gimme a break.), I have a nasty habit of leaving my door wide open. At night, tons of flying insects are drawn towards the light, attracting mosquitoes and moths galore into my home.

When I step inside and lay down in bed, the insects remain. And I must have some really sweet blood because mosquitoes just can’t resist feasting on me. I’d light up one of those bug repellent candles, but the fumes would no doubt keep me up, let alone destroy my beloved brain cells. The Riddex Bug Repellent Nightlight is a fume-free method for keeping bugs away from you while you sleep.

The great thing about Riddex is that it’s not only effective with insects, but also keeps rats, mice, and roaches away, great for run down apartment buildings. The Riddex device turns up to 2000 square feet of your home into an invisiable pest fence using your home’s wiring.

So actually, the built-in nightlight is just a perk for the Riddex system. Just tell your friends the light is a crucial factor in the pest control. While it might not be the most honest statement, it will save you some embarassment for still being afraid of the dark. Get your own for $20.

Product Page via Bookofjoe

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Richard Says: July 1, 2008 at 11:51 pm

save money. these products don’t actually work. i just did some research and there is no proof that this has any effect at all except for being a good light to keep monsters at bay for the kids.

Hotshot Says: July 2, 2008 at 2:31 am

Theres no proof that this works. See the link below.

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