Star Trek Bottle Opener


It is good to know that just like sex, drinking is a universal value. How else do you explain the Star Trek Experience bar located at Hilton Las Vegas? Not to mention numerous drinking holes found in the Star Wars universe, but we’re here to concentrate on the former series today with a unique bottle opener.

As well as its supreme practicality, the Starship Enterprise Bottle Opener serves as a constant tribute to the most iconic pretend spacecraft in televisual history. Better still it’s embossed with the legendary NCC-1701 registration, so you can be sure you’re opening your bottle of wallop with a Shatner-era vessel. And that’s just as well because judging by his, erm, interesting cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Captain Kirk is the only member of Starfleet who likes a drink. Boldly going where no bottle opener has gone before. Make it so!

Well, only true blue Trekkies need to pick this up, as I don’t see the rest of the drinking crowd willing to fork out £12.95 for a ‘mere’ bottle opener when their teeth double up as one just fine.

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