BuzzBall, The Roller Coaster Without Tracks

by Mark R

Now that summer is in full swing, people are flocking to amusement parks everywhere, searching for the latest thrill from the best roller coaster. The Evento BuzzBall is made for those who wish to take that experience home.

The best part is that the owner of the BuzzBall would not need to build some giant structure with tracks and rails, but any open space, flat or hilly, will do.

The BuzzBall is essentially a huge hamster ball designed for a person. Only the BuzzBall is a ball-within-a-ball, with dual electric motors. The first motor controls the outer edge of the ball, so the driver has complete control of the physical movement of the ball.

The second inner ball controls the movement of the driver. It can roll in any direction, regardless of what direction the BuzzBall is rolling.

When these two motors are used in combination, the results are sudden spins, corkscrews, and barrel rolls that simulate the experience of being on a roller coaster. Something tells me it will probably take a while to get used to, and you will be missing the high views that really make roller coasters scary.

I’m not really certain when the BuzzBall intends to reach the market, but it will definitely be the next thing for thrillseekers.


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Neagle Says: July 1, 2008 at 7:44 pm

Reminds of South Park.

Rulorcio Says: November 23, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Reminds of The Dig (graphic adventure)!!!

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