TurnSmart Mirror System


The TurnSmart Mirror System brings up road safety by another notch, thanks to a set of small stick-on wide angle mirrors that feature solar-powered blinking LED lights in order to improve your visibility whenever you want to make a turn. I know that more expensive new vehicles already come with this feature, but that doesn’t mean older vehicles cannot be retro-fitted with a $149.95 device.

These small wide-angle mirrors with very bright LEDs attach to your present side-view mirrors and operate along with your regular turn-signal lights. They help to alert cars in your blind spots of your intentions to change lanes. These safety mirrors with blinking lights are easy to install. They’re self-contained, solar powered units – so no wires into vehicle from mirrors. The small transmitter is easily installed in trunk or under rear bumper.

I wonder whether they have versions for motorcyclists and folks who prefer pedal power.

Product Page via TRFJ

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