Video Game Screens Made From Lego Bricks

by AndrewD

Lego is no stranger to the world of video gaming. They have formed their own niche in the gaming market with their Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles. And while the look of Lego still remains intact in their games, we’ve never seen something quite like this.

A clever Flickr user by the name of skinny coder has put together a collection of video game screen renditions using nothing but Lego bricks and his imagination. His Lego creations include Duck Hunt (NES, pictured), Contra (NES), Castlevania (NES), Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), Mortal Kombat (Arcade), Excitebike (NES), Bionic Commando (NES), and Metal Gear (NES).

There’s something intriguing about mixing two forms of geek media. Especially when it has the DIY touch of a home creation. It’s the constant mind-churning intellect of geek culture which keeps the momentum running hard for the rest of us.

To check out more of skinny coder’s creations you can check out his Flickr page. If you’re as similar to us as we think you are, you’re sure to find these creations pretty creative and ultra-interesting. Let’s keep the geek culture alive with more of this!

Flickr via LikeCool

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