The Indoor/Outdoor Sentry Wireless Speaker and Transmitter

by Ally

Most people that enjoy their music a lot like to keep it with them and on cleaning day having a speaker that can move with you would be great.  Especially in a home with multiple iPods and kids this little Sentry Wirelesss Speaker would come in handy.  The iPod works wirelessly so you could leave it one place and take the speaker with you.  Even more convenient is that the speaker itself is water resistant.  Granted you don’t go dipping it in the pool, but if it gets splashed on or even gets rained on a bit before you can rush it indoors would be okay.

Although the set only comes with one speaker, you can hook up six different speakers to it.  Which means if you felt like blaring music in the entire house you’d have the equipment for it.  As with most docks if you happen to have something besides an iPod you can play that through the speaker as well.  As long as it has a 3.5 mm headset port it will work.  The set includes the dock and one speaker and will cost you $99.99.

Source: forevergeek

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Kim Cahill Says: September 10, 2008 at 4:18 pm

We just bought this item at walmart and the instructions were missing and we are having a hard time getting this to work. Please tell us how to do this.

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