A lamp made of plates

by Ally

With the population growing and the amount of trash piling up from it, we’ve started finding a need to reuse old items.  One new way to do so is to take old discarded plates and create something like this cute little lamp.  This particular design was done by Denis Belenko and Dmitriy Nkolaenko and posted on their site this month.  They created two different styles, one is extremely contemporary and the other much more childlike and playful.  Which just goes to show with these little lamps you can create any style you like.

I know plates are always the one thing at my local flea market that there is always an overabundance of.  Most people get tired of several plates breaking and then having mismatched sets, so they either toss them in the trash or take them to a flea market in hopes that someone will get some use out of them.  Although this is yet another design you can’t purchase, it is another one that wouldn’t be that difficult to remake.  I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials on how to drill a hole into fragile objects.

Source: boingboing

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