StarWars USB Ports

We have seen much Star Wars merchandise in the last three decades, some of it was cheaply made, and some has passed the test of time. So why not make Star Wars USB hubs?

Before you say “to get George Lucas more money”, let me tell you more about these particular Star Wars products. Not only will they give you some extra USB ports and give authentic Star Wars décor to your desk, but the R2D2 and Darth Vader models also come with some special features.

For example, the R2D2 version has flashing lights and sounds. There is a video of this after this article so you can see it for yourself. Now, if only it could move around and fix your PC when it breaks down, just like the real R2D2. Oh well.

As for Darth Vader, his eyes will glow red just like in….actually, I can’t remember what episode that was in. Perhaps it was in Episode III after the Emperor told him he had killed Padme. I must have missed that.

You should be able purchase these Star Wars USB Hubs in July for about $66 each, but only in Japan. I don’t see why these Hubs won’t be sold in the western hemisphere, but we shall see.


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