Pistol Cam Shoots Video, Shoots You

by AndrewD

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to view one of those grisly video productions called Faces Of Death? Basically they film people being killed, maimed, sliced or anything else which involves death and gore. The Pistol Cam might not help the production value at all, but it surely makes the filming easier. And we also hope that people don’t think of actually making those sort of videos with this device.

The Pistol Cam is basically a gun with a camera mounted on it. No, it’s not meant to capture all of your photogenic targets. The sheriff’s department SWAT team of Orange County, New York has started adding cigarette box-sized combo cameras, laser pointers, and flashlights onto their weapons, with the thought of violent accountability in mind.

Terry Gordon, a former prison guard whose New York firm, Legend Technologies created the pistol cam device says, “This will be a cost-effective tool for liability protection.” So basically the Pistol Cam is there to make sure the wrong people don’t get blamed for the wrong things, such as killing an innocent civilian for jaywalking.

The $695 device films in the MPEG4 file format and records up to an hour of footage. So while we’re not up to the point where we can film an entire hostage negotiation process with one device, the Pistol Cam should help keep cops in their place, at least when the camera is rolling.

Source via BB Gadgets

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