‘Guitar Hero’ Action Figures Coming Soon

by AndrewD

While we totally understood when Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft would have a cool set of action figures released in its vain, one game we didn’t expect to see action figures for was Guitar Hero. Branding an axe is only really considered action if you’re trying to slice someone in half with it, you know?

But nevertheless, Activision and McFarlane Toys are joining forces to create a line of Guitar Hero themed action figures for McFarlane’s fall line. Whether you want to collect them or just form a toy-led super band, the Guitar Hero action figures might have more success getting action than providing action if you know what I mean. That’s right. Chicks dig musicians.

Action figures will be available for the Axel Steel (pictured), Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut and the God of Rock characters from the hit game. Each of the guitar wielding heros will have 15-18 movable parts (hopefully not anatomically correct moving parts.)

Costing only between $10-$15, they are much more affordable than your typical collectible action figure. So they might be made with cheaper materials or mass produced. So those looking for limited edition toys might want to hold out. But for those who just want to display their Guitar Hero fandom, these are a cool little stocking stuffer idea.


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