Facebank: A Super Creepy Piggy Bank That Eats Your Coins

by AndrewD

Imagine Cookie Monster from Sesame Street developed an insatiable hunger for coins. Then remove the huggable blue body, add a blockish, unintentionally creepy robotic face for chowing down on metal, and you’ll have something that resembles this Facebank. Created by, who else, but the Japanese, the Facebank is an exceedingly creepy piggy bank given human-like features.

Using a special sensor in the devices’ eyes, the Facebank knows when you’re about to insert a coin into its mouth. When you want to feed it a coin, the gadget’s mouth starts chomping, fueled by a robotic (and hardly silent) motor. Watch as the Facebank slowly digests your money down it’s metaphorical throat hole.

The Facebank probably wouldn’t be so creepy if it were designed to look less cute. The Japanese perception of a cute face is so far off from the rest of the world. So the gadget just comes off being just pretty damn scary. Unless you’re into humanoid looking machines eating your money with a mechanic howl playing in the background.

You can grab your own Facebank from the Japan Trend Shop for $44. They are powered by 4 AAA batteries, and available in your choice of yellow, green, red, blue and grey. And if the description isn’t enough to sell you on its creepiness, just watch the video above.

Product Page via The Green Head

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