Revenge Toilet Paper Leaves Your Enemies A Mess

by AndrewD

Maybe next time that bully of yours will think twice before beating you up for your lunch money. If only more geeky children knew the lengths at which they could go for revenge. Vengeance is a beautiful thing sometimes. Especially when it means leaving someone who has made your life hell, wallowing in their own filth. Miserable, anxious, and ultimately, smelly.

This Revenge Toilet Paper is said to be the only toilet roll which will not rip or tear, no matter how hard you try. Well, maybe if your bully is one of those guys that can rip phone books in half they’ll have a chance. But other than that, this toilet paper prank seems like a totally awesome way to get back at the people who have made your life difficult.

If you can find a way to replace your target’s toilet paper roll with the Revenge Toilet Paper things are sure to get pretty messy for the unfortunate recipient pretty quick. Of course, if they find out that you were the perpetrator behind the prank, the bullying is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Even if you are to old to be bullied around, maybe you’re just feeling sinister, you could replace your friend’s or colleague’s toilet paper roll too. Though this might get you fired. You can grab a roll of your own Revenge Toilet Paper for $8.99 if you’re feeling up for the challenge.

Product Page via Your Next Gift

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