Mitsubishi LaserVue ready to rock and roll

Mitsubishi’s upcoming line of LaserVue TVs are ready for a Q3 release, which means anytime in the next three months to make for the perfect summer. First unveiled at CES this year, consumers will be able to choose from either 65″ or 73″ models, with the former arriving first before the latter makes an official appearance. Very little about the technology has been released by Mitsubishi, other than the fact that it uses lasers, but it is interesting to note a 200% increase in color gamut compared to traditional HDTVs. Not only that, Mitsubishi claims that the black you see here is real black, while the brights are more than up to the task for an almost lifelike experience. Best of all, it will help couch potatoes save money each month since the LaserVue sips less than 200 watts of power, which is approximately half that of LCD and 33% of plasma.

Source: Engadget