Camoria Gets Your Life On Camera

by Mark R

I think we all know that people just want their lives on the Internet, and they will gladly paste their photos and videos on their MySpace and FaceBook pages without any regards to the consequences.

This is why the Camoria has been developed. The Camoria is an over-the-ear digital camera that is designed to put your life in the form of pictures. Of course, there is no way that you can get your own face in the shots, unless you stand in front of mirror.

Right now, the Camoria is a concept device by German designer Akbiyik Vokan. Information that I got about the Camoria is very sketchy, so I don’t know how much memory it has, or how long the battery will last.

I have a proposal as to how it could be better. Make it so the Camoria can be charged and automatically download its pictures or videos at the same time. Better yet, make it so it will automatically download its footage in chronological order directly to the user’s social networking site.

I’m not certain that I am ready for a future where every person has a Camoria. Because when I talk to someone wearing one, I will wonder if I am going to see a video of this on their site later, with their commentary.


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