A Retro Clock With An Atomic Twist

by AndrewD

Those of you who have a retro design theme in your home probably had no problem scoping out a retro-looking clock. But what you might have a problem finding is a retro-looking clock which has completely accurate atomic time. Look no further, my friends. CG to the rescue!

Twemco has over 30 years experience designing these retro analog flip clocks, but they’ve just added a new twist to their collection. The new clock models feature radio frequency atomic time, so your clock is always accurate down to the second, even if your design-theme is intentionally a few decades too late.

Twemco offers the retro clocks in an assortment of molding designs, available in both black and white to match any color scheme your home or business has installed. The clocks add a taste of classiness and an international standard of time-telling to your wall.

The clocks are so accurate that they claim only 1 second of deviated time every 1,000,000 years. So you’ll probably never witness an inaccuracy in your lifetime unless you’re an immortal elf. And if you’re immortal, why bother looking at the time anyway?

Product Page via Unplugged

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Neagle Says: June 25, 2008 at 7:40 pm

Considering how difficult flip clocks are to sync with NTS by hand this was a great idea keeping a retro product up to date. These clocks are rugged and simple to read; that is a plus in any work space, office,kitchen, bomb shelter or what have you.

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