USB Hub Notebook Light

Even if the summer season means we get a few hours of extra sunlight, us night owls are still left in the dark, season after season. While most of us geeks are extremely smart when it comes to mindless trivia and gaming, we lack the common sense it takes to survive doing the things we love. Case in point, we stay up all night, yet forget to buy a notebook with a backlit keyboard.

Of course we could buy an actual desk lamp, at least those who remember to pay their electricity bill can. But what if we just like chilling in the total darkness with just a faint light illuminating our keyboard? Not only does this USB Hub Notebook Light appeal to our fear of total darkness, but also provides us with four extra USB ports, clipped right to the top of our notebooks.

The USB Hub Notebook Light provides 4 extra USB 2.0 ports capable of 480 Mbps data transmission as well as a cool litte light which can be rotated 180 degrees for optimal light shining positioning. The USB Hub supports Windows 98/SE/2000/XP/Vista, which is fine for Mac users, since as everyone knows, MacBooks are shipped with illuminated keyboards.

Available for only $29.95, the USB Hub Notebook Light is a decent value for any Windows user who needs some extra light cast on their keyboard or just wants a few more USB ports to play around with. We all know we have one too many USB devices for our own good. Well, I take it back. You can never have too many gadgets.

Product Page via GeekAlerts