The KISS Plasma Light Sculpted Head is a bit terrifying

by Ally

Gene Simmons always manages to crack me up, if he can find a way, he will slap his name on anything. Frankly, if he can sell KISS cologne then he can sell anything, even this bizarre looking light. I had no idea how bad he was about it until I managed to catch an interview on TV where he brought up his obsession with marketing anything and everything KISS. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he managed to sell KISS themed toilet paper. Frankly, KISS fans are eager enough that he definitely has the perfect audience to pitch his weird products to.

This excessively creepy sculpture features a tongue decked out in LED lights as well as fiber optics. The site selling this strange product assures that the blood pouring from his mouth is indeed fake. I know many of you readers might have been highly concerned there. That is if you were able to look away from the 8” tongue long enough to even notice there was blood around the mouth. Fittingly this product is being sold on Things You Never Knew Existed, for $59.98.

Source: nerdapproved

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Amy Says: September 8, 2009 at 10:44 am

I am looking for a replacement tongue, (bulb) for my sons Gene plasma lamp. If anyone can help me out please let me know. This lamp is my 8yr old sons most prized possesion and the dog knocked it off his dresser and the tongue broken into little tiny pieces crushing my childs heart. Thanks

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