iPhone gets suite of applications

The iPhone is definitely one of the more popular cell phones in the world at this point in time, at least in the mid-range group and above. After all, with the impending release of the 3G iPhone, you can bet your bottom dollar (or whatever denomination) that come July 11th, there will be a frenzy for this new handset, never mind the blood-sucking 2-year contract attached with it in certain places. With a phone this magical, surely there must be something more than the looks and ease-of-use that drives it? I believe that software on the iPhone does play a role in its huge popularity, and having said that, I would like to draw your attention to iPhoneApps – a ground-breaking, unique new software application product that features a generous choice of 10 of the most popular and commonly used PC applications that run non your iPhone. Sounds perfect for the casual computer user who dreads carrying around a laptop just to type a short letter on Microsoft Word.

The main point of the iPhone Apps Bundle would be to transform this little handset into a mini-computer which functions as a cell phone as well, and it retails for a mere $24.95, making it a really attractive purchase. After all, with the 3G iPhone’s release, it will be a boon considering you can virtually access the Internet anytime, anywhere, using it to full effect with the bundle of applications that come along in the suite itself. After all, if all you do are casual word processing and simple spreadsheets, surely this is a much better alternative compared to lugging around a notebook? Also, you don’t have to keep a lookout on your newly purchased Eee PC from being stolen despite it being small and light compared to a regular notebook.

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