Electroluminescent Suits Keep Things Glowing

I don’t know about you, but I look at this picture to the left and can’t help but think of the 1982 geek film Tron. I am guessing that a lot of the non-geeks are probably thinking that these are the electroluminescent (EL) suits worn by Daft Punk at the Grammys when they performed with Kanye West.

Even though I can’t think of an occasion to wear it, I can’t help but wonder where you get an outfit like this. As it turns out, it doesn’t look like these suits are available on the market any time soon by any fashion designer that I know.

However, there is an in-depth tutorial available on a site known as Instructables that tells the ordinary person how to assemble one of these electroluminescent suits. This site also has the instructions for making many other technological things.

I’m not certain how much of an electronics expert that you have to be to build one of these EL suits, but it doesn’t look like a quickie project. Not only does it look complicated, but it could be pretty shocking if things turned out wrong.

In short, make the suit, wear the suit, but don’t walk out in the rain.