Aromatherapy Travel Pillow


A travel pillow is just that, right? Wrong! Gizoo has added a new twist to an old favorite with the Aromatherapy Travel Pillow.

This inflatable travel pillow combines ergonomic comfort with the healing power of aromatherapy oils for a soothing travel experience that will allow you to reach your destination feeling truly refreshed. This aromatherapy, vapor dispensing travel pillow from travel specialists, Design Go, has a comfortable flat back design and comes complete with an atomizer containing essential lavender oil. Compact and light when deflated, the u-shaped neck pillow fits neatly into a small drawstring bag that can be kept in your pocket, in your glovebox or in your handbag whenever you travel. So, for first class comfort, don’t leave home without your Aroma Snoozer inflatable pillow!

I guess long haul flights in economy class will never be the same again with this £9.95 Aromatherapy Travel Pillow.

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Missy Says: June 23, 2008 at 8:32 am

I can not imagine this would be a good idea for a plane, train or bus. I can understand how they have the best intentions, but releasing a sent in a confined area is quite inconsiderate to others. There are many people that have aversions to certain scents as well as others with medical conditions that make them more aware of the scents around them. I know that there are certain types of lavender oils (depending on the maker and the filler ingredients used) that will give me a migraine within a few moments of being around it.

I can see this being great on a long drive with other people that are fine with it though.

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