Pyramid time clock with Ethernet connectivity


Pyramid time clocks have the tendency to remain at the top of the sales charts where employee time attendance systems are concerned. This time round, they have been given an update – they now incorporate Ethernet connectivity that makes for easier, faster and more accurate data transferring. Instead of relying on the old system where time management consisted of using a singular time clock station and paper time cards to punch in and out, this new system revolutionizes the way things are done. No longer do managers need to count up and add employee hours, and when overtime and holiday pay are thrown into the fray, things get all the more confusing and tedious. The future of employee time attendance systems like in the digital format, where clocking in involves swiping a card ala credit card, or entering your identification into a computer or keypad.

The inclusion of Ethernet connectivity to a time clock is an idea by Pyramid Technologies to make it a snap to transfer employee data from one time clock to another, opening up the opportunity for employers to set up multiple time stations. Not only that, they will be able to transfer data to a computer which is compatible with most of the major time attendance system software on the market including PAYCHEX, Quickbooks and ADP among others.

You can pick up the Pyramid Ethernet time clocks in two flavors – the old school swipe card styles and the biometric version. The latter relies on fingerprinting the employee before determining whether he/she has clocked in, effectively eliminating the scourge known as “buddy punching”. It does make me wonder, however, whether making a cast of my fingerprints will be read by the machine in the first place. There is no word on pricing, but you can pick up this system via office supply retailer BuyOnlineNow.

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ISOHaven Says: June 23, 2008 at 9:30 am

For real? These have been around for MANY MANY years.

My oldest time clock is about 5 years old and it’s ethernet enabled.

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