Record music from the radio with an Intempo Rebel

by Ally

Back in the 90’s when cassette tapes were all the rage (and people said things like “all the rage”) it was common for people to keep a blank tape in their boombox so as to catch their favorite song playing on the radio. That seemed fairly harmless, and it’s doubtful that the MPAA ever considered taking action on anyone for doing that. However, using this radio to record music might land you in some hot water.

This radio has a very cool function, which will record the most-played tracks from an FM station to an SD card in MP3 format. I’m not entirely sure how it determines which songs have been played the most, but it will apparently clean up the track and chop out any commercials or DJ talk. Before with the cassette tapes, it was poor sound quality and didn’t even have the slightest professional flare. With this you have to put out practically no effort and get yourself some free music. This Intempo Rebel will set you back around $140, but I don’t expect this to last long on store shelves.

Source: RedFerret

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Annie Says: June 27, 2008 at 3:19 am

Cool. This is cool!

Love to you all!

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