‘Trading Faces’ Digital Mirror Is Like A Real Life Face/Off

by AndrewD

Does anyone remember that movie with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta where technology has advanced so much that people are capable of having an entire body transplant, including their face? Pretty sweet flick now that I think about it. And while we haven’t quite reached the point of totally accurate face transplants, there is some digital technology that might allow us to do something similar, just for fun, completely virtually.

It’s called “Trading Faces” and the project actually revolves around the use of digital mirrors to superimpose other peoples faces on your own. Except for the fact that users have someone elses facial features, they look totally normal. But the progress of this sort of technology could possibly lead to some pretty suspicious motives.

Trading Faces by Dan O’Sullivan uses face detection technology to merge the faces of two or more people by mirroring the facial image on another persons profile. Imagine the sort of consequences this could have with privacy issues. What if someone could mimic someone’s face with such accuracy that they could convince you they were someone else.

While projects such as Trading Faces is an awesome venture for experimental purposes, this sort of technology probably needs some fine tuning and security boosts before it’s ready for prime time mass interaction. But once it’s all set-up, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to play around with.

Design Page via DesignBoom

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