Sanyo CE52SR1 waterproof LCD monitor


Get on with the program with Sanyo’s new CE52SR1 waterproof LCD monitor. At long last, you will be able to do some work done even if you’re taking a bath, but then again make sure your computer is at least waterproof – unfortunately that doesn’t exist yet without having to purchase another Ziplock waterproof bag or something. The Sanyo CE52SR1 isn’t meant for home use though, as it targets outdoor applications for advertising and display, featuring anti-reflective and tamper-proof glass.

Not only is this unique LCD monitor lightweight, it runs cooler and consumes less electrical power than similarly sized plasma monitors. Another plus point would be Sanyo not making any compromises with the CE52SR1, boasting Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) a stunning contrast ratio of 1,500:1, easy readability even under bright sunlight, and a brightness level of 1500 cd/m2. The Sanyo CE52SR1 can be used for majority of outdoor applications in various places such as theme parks, sporting events, bus stops, railway stations, and even highway tollbooths. It is also suitable for use in shop windows with sunlight streaming in, restaurant entrances and brightly lit shopping malls. Those who want to wow guests at the next garden reception can also pick up the Sanyo CE52SR1.

The Sanyo CE52SR1 is equipped with the impressive IP-66 rating, making it better protected against harmful particles that can form outside the monitor. Not only is it waterproof, it is tough enough to withstand low-pressure jets of water sprayed directly on the front glass. In addition, the frame and cabinet also complement the CE52SR1, being constructed from marine grade anodized aluminum, and is specially designed with a “no holes” ventilation system to help keep the LCD monitor remain cool all the while being protected from dust and various weather conditions. The tough, tamper-resistant anti-reflection cover glass also makes this perfect for public placement, knowing the amount of vandals around these days.

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