The Executive Desk comes equipped with moving gears

I’ve been desk shopping for the greater part of a week now and been grumbling excessively about all the ones that are poorly set up.  Most have no keyboard drawer and don’t understand that some people enjoy having more than one monitor.  Not only is this desk set up well as far as enough space for a decent amount of monitors as well as a keyboard drawer, it is way cooler than anything I’ve seen on the market.  The Executive Desk is apparently a fully functional visual and kinetic desk as well.

It was made by a self-taught artist, Dale Mathis, who managed to teach himself a skill that translates into making desks that go for large amounts of cash.  Some of the gears in the desk will actually move, as opposed to just sitting there and looking pretty.  Although, from the looks of the video not all of the gears are meant to move.  The massive desk is being sold for a hefty price of $21,000.  Maybe I could just sell my car and get one, although, it might help if my car was even worth $21,000.

Source: slipperybrick