PhonoFone II

by Mark R

I think we all know that iPod speaker docks are a dime a dozen, and the only thing that makes iPod dock stand out above another is the design. While some designers go for a contemporary or futuristic look, the PhotoFone II owes its unique look to the past. Apparently, some designer was completely enamored by the old gramophones of the nineteenth century and made it for the iPod.

The horn of the PhotoFone II is not just there for an old-school aesthetic. No, there was a reason why these older record players were so horny (looking) back then. In this case, the acoustics of the horn-shaped speaker can boost the sound up to 55 decibels. That might not be enough to disturb your neighbors, but is good enough to fill a room with quiet sound, which is exactly what those old gramophones did back then.

Not only does the Phonofone have the vintage look, but is made of materials from that bygone era. Instead of using modern materials like plastic, the PhonoFone II is mostly ceramics. I’m not certain what kind of power those old gramophones used, but this one doesn’t use batteries, but plugs right into wall.

The basic white version of the PhonoFone II costs about $500, and there is a limited edition black version for about $600.


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Mike Says: June 28, 2008 at 9:00 am

This is the most stupid thing I have seen in months, and that’s saying something. I wouldn’t buy it for $5, let alone that ridiculous amount, and obviously it looks nothing like a gramophone or phonophone. It’s a horn. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Phoghat Says: November 9, 2010 at 2:13 am

$500 for an unamplified iPod speaker? I know Apple fan boys can be crazy sometimes, but not that crazy. They’ll sell 5 or so and the company will fold

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