Cops can finally track, rather than chase bad guys

We’ve all been mesmerized by the local news coverage of some bad guy fleeing police in a high speed chase. And like watching car racing and hockey, we just wait for the inevitable crash that will end the pursuit. And soon enough, it comes and the foolish perp is taken away in cuffs while his car is a smoldering mass of twisted metal. But lately, police are catching all kinds of flack for pursuing these car chases at the endangerment of the local populace. Some have even taken to letting the guy go, rather than risk a crash and human lives which result in the inevitable bevy of lawsuits. But now, they can track the bad guy, rather than chase him, with a new projectile GPS transceiver which will allow the helicopter and units monitoring to simply hang back and wait for the perp to get where he’s going.

STARCHASE is the name of the device and it fits on the bumper of any current police cruiser. Like a small air powered canon, the Starchase will launch a small dart that has a GPS receiver built in which broadcasts the car’s location in real time. This enables police to either hang back and follow the perp at a safe distance or, triangulate his route and location and send units to head him off at the pass. Either way, this is the promise of new technology. Creating gadgets which, in their James Bond fashion, protect the good guys and catch the bad guys.
Now that’s a cool gadget.

Hat Tip – DVice

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  1. One problem with this: if the cops are sitting back, and letting the guy get out of sight, once the car stops, they will not be able to prove who was driving the car. FAIL.

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