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Targus has just announced its new range of laptop cases in time for the back-to-school lineup, with other accessories such as a Mac and PC-compatible High-Speed File Transfer Cable and a new low-cost Optical Bluetooth Laptop Mouse. Not only that, Targus has not forgotten the students by offering its new USB 2.0 4-Port Bend-A-Hub with a Mini USB Adapter; Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection; and the HeatDefense laptop cooling system. Students being students, money is hard to come by which is why Targus has made these products affordable without breaking the bank. To get a more comprehensive idea of the products available, head on after the jump.

Targus High-Speed File Transfer Cable for PC/Macs (Model # ACC96US)
Targus’ High-Speed File Transfer Cable is the ideal solution for transferring large quantities of data including videos, music, images, or files whether you are using a PC, a Mac or both. With transfer rates of up to 480Mbps and its embedded Easy Suite software, Targus’ new Transfer Cable allows for a simple, high- speed file transfer without the need to install software or drivers. Save time by plugging in and transferring your favorite music video from a friend’s Mac to your PC or a PowerPoint presentation from a classmate’s PC to yours. The cable is also ideal when transferring all of your programs and files to a new computer. The File Transfer Cable is 4.92′ in length, weighs 1.76 oz, and has an estimated street price of $39.99.

Targus Optical Bluetooth Laptop Mouse (Model# AMB04US)
Establishing a low price point for Bluetooth enabled mice for Targus, the new Targus Optical Bluetooth Laptop Mouse features premium Bluetooth wireless technology which allows for seamless functionality up to 33-feet away. The affordable mouse offers adjustable cursor speeds between 1600 and 800 DPI with a push of a button and is compatible with both Macs and PCs. To conserve battery life, the mouse automatically shifts into sleep mode when it’s not being used and features a convenient on/off switch to extend usage. The Optical Bluetooth Laptop Mouse measures 4.1” x 2.1” x 1.4”, weighs 2.4oz, and has an estimated street price of $39.99.

Targus USB 2.0 4- Port Bend-A-Hub with Mini USB Adapter (Model # ACH103US)
With four USB ports, Targus’ new USB 2.0 4-Port Bend-a-Hub with Mini USB Adapter offers more versatility and flexibility when connecting mice, keyboards, storage drives, or other devices to your Mac or PC. The new hub features two specialty connectors; one of those connectors can easily adjust to a 90-degree angle for simple accessibility. Additionally, the 4-Port Bend-a-Hub features a mini-USB adapter, which is ideal for charging portable accessories such as digital cameras, cell phones or PDA devices. No external power supply is needed, and users can conveniently roll it up for easy storage, which makes it the perfect gadget for busy students on-the-go. The USB 2.0 4-Port Bend-a-Hub with Mini USB Adapter is 9″ in length, weighs 1.8oz, and has an estimated street price of $19.99.

Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection (Model # APS03US)
Whether you are at the library or in the classroom, there never seems to be enough outlets for all your needs. The portable Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection instantly provides outlet expansion with four outlets while providing up to 300 joules of protection for your devices. The compact design makes it an easy fit for hard to reach places, yet is designed to accommodate oversized power adapters. You can now charge your cell phone, iPod® and laptop all from one location. The Travel Power Outlets measures 5.5″ x 1.25″ x 1″, weighs 5.6oz, and has an estimated street price of $19.99.

Targus HeatDefense™ (Model # AWE45US)
The Targus HeatDefense cooling system keeps your laptop running cool to help preserve battery life and prevent overheating. A crystalline compound material within the HeatDefense panel melts when heat is released from your laptop, creating a thermal capacitor, which absorbs the heat. Compatible with laptops up to 17”, the lightweight HeatDefense provides a comfortable user experience and easily folds for travel from one classroom to the next. The HeatDefense measures approximately 13.35″ x 11.85″ and is available at an estimated street price of $29.99.

These purchases are all backed by a one-year limited warranty. Time to start saving up if you’re interested in any of them!

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