Mark of Fitness MF-180

by Mark R

I saw that new Incredible Hulk film last weekend. While I was more impressed with this franchise reboot than Ang Lee’s The Hulk, that isn’t saying much. I mean, that 2003 Hulk movie isn’t hard to top.

I only bring up this new version of The Incredible Hulk because the film showed a very practical gadget for those who have been infected by gamma-induced Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. In the film, Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) wore a wrist monitor that showed a digital readout of his heart rate. If it went above 200, then he was about to turn mean and green. Fortunately, the device had an alert that went off before that happened.

Perhaps Bruce should have purchased the Mark of Fitness MF-180, which features an out of zone alarm. As you can see, it affixes right to the finger to monitor vital signs. This out of zone alarm allows a regular person to avoid too much intensity for a workout.

It has other features, including a calorie counter, which will figure out the number of calories in your workout. For more accuracy, the MF-180 can be calibrated for age, sex, weight, and height. You should be able to get the Mark of Fitness MF-180 for about $68.


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