R/C Shooting Tank

Yes, this is one “war” that won’t consume barrels of oil-per-mile, as it uses batteries instead to get your battle kicks in. The R/C Shooting Tank boasts up to 40 shells which you can make yourself a nuisance with, and it is modeled after the mighty M1A2 Abrams tank.

Suited and booted with the chunky hand-held controller, you can maneuver your radio controlled tank across a variety of surfaces, with impressive speed and agility. Demolish opposing forces and obliterate the enemy by firing real pellets up to 25 meters with the full force and accuracy of this heavyweight military tank. Hunt your enemy and move stealthily into your chosen position, rotate the turret, aim and fire! You can even command your RC tank to obey your battle orders, as the ingenious battle mode allows you to tap in the route you want the army tank to take and where and when to fire. Press ‘go’ and your model RC tank will roll along too!

The R/C Shooting Tank will retail for £34.95.